Convert IT Project Failure and CHAOS to Business Niche and Profitability

 68% of all IT Projects will fail[1]

47% of all CRM project will fail[2]

74% of all ERP projects were above budget[3]

In 3yrs everything will be obsolete

In this time to acquire new technology, successfully deploy, and effectively generate enough cash savings to justify the expense and build a reserve to do it all over again – that is the IT dilemma.

Technical evolution at break neck speeds, and tsunamis of information are overwhelming organizations and their executives.

There isn’t enough hours in the day to separate “true knowledge” from noise, leave alone conduct analysis and convert it to a strategic advantage.

  • Survey of 600 mid- and large- cap companies, 78% feels that there is a complete disconnect between business and IT[4].
  • 1,500 top executives reported to IBM that 60% of all IT projects don’t meet schedule, budget, and quality goals[5].

With odds stacked up against IT projects, operating in survival mode is not enough.

To be part of the 32% percentile, the managers and the IT teams need to do things differently, and it has to be exceptional.

Step through the looking-glass and experience a whole new world

I am sure you have wondered what makes the 32% successful and the 68% a failure. What makes this kind of difference in organizations’ lives? It isn’t native intelligence, or talent, or dedication. It isn’t that one group of people has the desire to succeed and one group just wants to fail.

The difference is the application of knowledge. The difference is in foresight. The difference is in the experience.

With over 14 years of very successful ICT Management behind me, I have proven that I can achieve and exceed business and technology goals in high-pressure environments. I have directed teams in multi-million dollar start-up and challenged-project restorations, driving ROI, and enabling technology to meet the expectations of Fortune 500 business plans.

The Secret formula to my success

You must be expecting a secret formula that I would apply only if you hire me. On the contrary . . . and you may be surprised . . . there are no secrets.

However, there is a well perfected business and project management process based on CMMI and ITIL – and that too I am willing to share.

The processes:

  1. Detailed business analysis
  2. High-level SWOT Analysis
  3. Budget Analysis
  4. IT Alignment with Business Strategy
  5. Revitalization of  IT Assets

The point is to answer the question: How can we use the technology you already have to turbo charge your business.

Please do not call me for an interview, but if you want to meet with me to discuss with me how to turn your technology in to a niche and explore the opportunity of exponential growth. I would be honored.

Over the past 14 years I have learnt that no two problems are alike, and there is no such thing as an insolvable problem.

If you have a challenge, I can find the solution.

If you want to make Technology your niche by making your IT assets work for you. I am the person who can do this for you.

Feel free to contact me and Convert IT Project Failure and CHAOS to Business Niche and Profitability; Skype: mani.masood; LinkedIn:



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