Revitalizing the Human Resource

Human Resource Management can lead to innovative enviornments
Human Resource Management can lead to innovative environment

The art of human resources management is not perfect. This does not mean that businesses cannot work hard towards trying to fix different issues. There are several aspects of human resource management that can technically be facilitated and taken care of to improve the ways how a business can operate.

HR management issues can involve labor access and concerns over behavior. Above all there’s the need to create a conducive and health environment for growth and innovation by comparing how others are operating with regards to treating people elsewhere.

High-level positions must particularly be taken seriously in this case to cut the risks of loosing people to organizations that may treat and value them more.

One notion that is critical to elaborate is the word “labor”, there is a great deal of confusion created by the historic nature of this word. Essentially we are all labors, blue-collar, white-collar, labor of effort, labor of pen – and then you have Labor Day, Department of Labor, and the Labor Ministry.

The wide use of this word has created a misnomer that often result in negligence when it comes to creation of a positive and thriving environment.


There are often problems in HR departments that relate to making it easier for people to work. The problem with so many businesses is that labor is not easily available. There are cases where different businesses might struggle with getting resources for contacts while turnover issues often occur in some later positions.

The key for HR departments here will be to make sure that the turnover is limited to entry-level positions by making sure people in higher positions are rewarded and given good compensation and incentives. This might seem like a challenge to some businesses but the truth is that it is much easier to replace an entry-level employee than it is to replace someone who has been in the business for years and has more duties than others.


A critical part of operating a business. Accountability relates to how people are to be responsible and careful with regards to different solutions. This must be used carefully to keep a business functional.

A business that fails to operate appropriately may not reach its production targets. This could particularly come from business members not being accountable enough in terms of what they can do and how they are going to try working.

The Art of making people of diverse backgrounds to gel together, and deliver on complex projects is the only true key performance indicator for any HR departments, and ironically most of them fail in this arena.

Maintaining discipline so that an organization functions like clockwork is a challenging task, but this is a key defining factor of high performance organizations.

The Threat of Competition

It’s clear that competition is prevalent in just about every industry and the same can be said in any HR department. One concern that HR departments don’t seem to have these days is that the HR procedures that are used tend to include a focus on the business at hand and not too much concentration on what’s going on elsewhere.

An HR department may be oblivious to how different activities are run in competitors. They may not be aware of how different rules, pay schedules or standards are used in other workplaces. This is often something that causes some positions to be turned over. People will want to leave their jobs for ones in companies where the terms might be a little more favorable.

The key solution for an HR department will be to analyze competitors in terms of not only who competes in the same industry but also who is in the same locality. This is to cover all the organizations that might create some kind of a threat to businesses.

The comparisons that should be used will include many points like pay schedules and compensation benefits for people who are in entry-level positions. Meanwhile, people at higher positions may end up willing to move into other positions based on the benefits they get and the potential bonuses or options for advancement that they might get into. The HR department will have to analyze the competitors that have different ideas in mind while matching different benefits to keep these people around.


All HR management solutions have to be used carefully to make it easier for different systems to be repaired and controlled. There is a strong need for all HR departments to operate properly at all times but they will not work well unless the right solutions are utilized in the process.

The standards for resolving problems will be particularly critical based on what happens with higher-level employees. The threat of these employees leaving can be dramatic and critical to a business. There will be a strong need to see that all problems in the workplace are fixed as soon as possible and it will be up to the HR department to work on this.

Revitalizing the Human Resource
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